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Cultivation Facilities

As per Section 84 of the Cannabis regulations the building where cannabis is produced, package, labeled, stored, and tested must be designed, constructed and in a manner that permits those activities to be conducted appropriately and under sanitary conditions. Designing the facility, selecting materials and guiding the construction team requires a good knowledge of the regulations and standards while at the same time keeping the project within budget and schedule.
The site evidence package is a key portion of your application. It shows Health Canada that your site is complete, functional and built to GPP Standards.
We have the team with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver the right final product.

Extraction Facilities

Extraction facilities differs from a cultivation facilites from design, engineering, equipment selection and materials. Regardless, extraction facilities must still comply with Health Canada regulations and GPP Standards. If companies want to meet the standards set by most European countries, they must also meet all cGMP regulations.
Knowledge of the extraction process and alongside regulatory requirements, is essential, as defines how the layout and engineering design should be done.

Technicians at Work

Sanitizing Product Facility

Due to the emergency presented by COVID 19, Health Canada issued a number of Interim COVID Licenses that depending on the ingredients where issued as a Natural Health Product or a Drug product.
We help companies get ready to be compliance to apply for the regular License from Health Canada.
To get a License a manufacturer needs to meet Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) which includes Premises, People, Processes and Products. 
We help companies to meet all the requirements from facility design, construction to documentation and other requirements to make the transition from Interim to Regular License smooth.