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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the importance of cGMP?

The importance of cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) varies depending on the country of your target market. GMP regulates every step of the production and distribution of cannabis products. Health Canada and other regulatory bodies require GMP companies to control all environmental variables involved in the manufacturing and production process. 

For cannabis producers, cGMP provides a competitive edge, as it is the generally required standard for Licensed Cannabis Producers in Europe, which home to the biggest cannabis market in the world. While GMP is a more rigorous process, it elevates the quality system. It is much easier and cost-effective to implement GMP standards from the initial point of the project than it is after the facility has been designed and construction has commenced.

What are the benefits of hiring a project manager?

Did you know that the Project Management Institute found that most projects are failures? This means that the projects don't meet the project scope, were late, or cost more than planned. Having a project manager allows you to have more control over your project and the uncertainties that come with it.

It is especially important when dealing with Health Canada or other regulatory bodies to have a project manager familiar with engineering, regulations, and processes, as this may affect the operations of your business. This ensures that you are on track to obtaining your desired license and maintaining regulatory standards for your customers.

Are your services customizable? How do I know that you're the right fit?

We are here to make your project successful. The first part of doing that is understanding that every project is different and can't be solved with cookie-cutter solutions. The second part is identifying the unique needs of your company and how we can best meet those needs. From there we suggest a course of action, which may involve a customized package of our services as there is no need to be paying for services you don't need or going without some you do.

Your success is our success, which makes us as invested in your project as you are.