Architects Planning

Project Management & construction solutions

Using engineering, communication and financial backgrounds, we provide you with a custom design and solutions that ensure efficiency, compliance and reliability, taking the uncertainty and confusion out of construction.

We offer solutions in MEP engineering, Odor control, Climate control and more…

Facility Design 

Before you even start constructing, your design will decide if your project will be a success or a failure. By integrating us into your design team, you can ensure that your project is set up for success.

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cGMP and regulatory consulting

From cannabis facilities to sanitizing product manufacturers – we can guide you through the process to meet the requirements to obtain EU-GMP certification. 

If you have concluded your project already we can execute an internal audit to ensure you meet your desired standards.

Equipment Selection 

While the type of extraction you plan to perform may seem like the biggest consideration when selecting your facility’s equipment, there are several aspects that go in to selecting the right equipment to meet your facility’s needs. Whether it is understanding how machines work together to knowing the manufacture’s reputation, the whole process can have costly implications for your company. Bring in outside expertise can facilitate making cost effective solutions that can create high-quality products that enable the long-term success of your company.

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Cannabis Growth and Cultivation Consulting

There are several things to consider in order for your plants to thrive.  By providing guidance on the best way to breed, grow, and process cannabis, we take the guessing work out of cultivation conditions, such as lighting, care schedules, drying, and curing.

 Nano-emulsion technology expertise 

With consumer data showing a large market shift towards ingestible and infused cannabis products, nano-infused products are an exciting development for companies looking to permeate the cannabis market. Although nano-emulsion technology can seem extremely overwhelming, our expertise eases the process. By offering science-based solutions and custom processes, we facilitate reducing costly, unsuccessful attempts.

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